Give us this day our daily Starbucks

A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips was my mother’s refrain. We’ve all seen Supersize Me; we all know that if you eat fat, you get fat. But how many of us pay equal attention to other types of consumption, such as our mental and spiritual nutrition? Do we carefully count our intellectual calories or do we binge on click-bait? Food metaphors … Continue reading Give us this day our daily Starbucks

5 Types of Toxic Friend

I’ll admit the topic is not original. Similarly titled listicles to this one are not in short supply, but I thought I’d add to the conversation with some reflections from personal experience. A simple Google search surfaces various definitions of the toxic friend, with many focussing on behaviours like over-dependency (emotional and financial), jealousy, passive aggressive and just plain aggressive behaviour, and even bullying. These … Continue reading 5 Types of Toxic Friend