Still worthy of art

While super skinny may be the name of the catwalk game, we must remember that standards of beauty are as varied as a piece of string is long – or in other words, pretty meaningless. Remember the irrelevant imperfections the Plastics moaned about in Mean Girls? ‘My hairline is so weird!‘, ‘My pores are huge!‘, ‘My nail beds suck!‘ Whatever your grievance with your poor bod, here are some old masterworks to convince you that, despite your imperfections, you’re beautiful enough to be depicted in art.

Paleolithic figurine known as Venus of Willendorf, c.28,000-23,000 BC

Bit overweight? Saggy breasts? –> Still worthy of art.

Jean Fouquet, c.1452

Losing your hair? Widely spaced and disproportionate breasts? Wardrobe malfunction? Ghostly white skin? –> Still worthy of art.

from an illuminated French translation of Augustine’s City of God, c.1475

Pot belly? –> Still worthy of art.

Holbein, Jane Seymour, 1536

No visible sign that you possess breasts? –> Still worthy of art.

elizabeth 1.jpg
‘Darnley portrait’ of Queen Elizabeth I, unknown artist, c.1575

Bridged nose? Very wide shoulders? –> Still worthy of art.

Sandro Botticelli, 1480s

Small breasts? Round tummy? –> Still worthy of art.

Artemisia Gentileschi (self-portrait), 1618

Very thick neck and shoulders? –> Still worthy of art.

Vermeer, c.1665

No apparent hair or eyebrows? –> Still worthy of art.

Bouguereau, 1873

Chubby tum? Bumpy flesh? Thick hips? –> Still worthy of art.

Franz Xaver Winterhalter, Queen Victoria, 1842

Big bum? –> Still worthy of art.

Cézanne, late 1800s

No waist? –> Still worthy of art.

frida kahlo
Frida Kahlo (self-portrait), 1940

Monobrow? Assorted facial hair? –> You know the drill.

So there you go: any or all of us are still worthy of art – and love and respect and stuff.


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