Thoughts on D’Annunzio (hint: he’s really annoying)

I recently finished an irritating book called L’Innocente (The Victim/The Intruder in English) by Gabriele D’Annunzio. I wouldn’t recommend it to you, so I don’t feel bad telling you what happens, with no spoiler alert: A man (Tullio) is repeatedly unfaithful to his wife (Giuliana). Since she’s so lovely and forgiving of that fact, they almost reconcile, until he discovers she too was unfaithful and … Continue reading Thoughts on D’Annunzio (hint: he’s really annoying)

A brave new world without suffering

Being a healthy and lucky person, the greatest physical suffering I’m forced to deal with is a monthly stomach cramp. I’ve had no serious illnesses or injuries, and the stomach cramp, while horrid, is simply the unfortunate byproduct of having healthy and functional internal organs, so I shouldn’t really complain (although I do). At any rate, this temporary incapacitation is easily remedied by washing four … Continue reading A brave new world without suffering

Computer says no

You’re halfway through a cracking blog post, you absolutely logically destroyed your imagined opponents with the end to that last paragraph; it’s probably time to hit the save button. But just as you provisionally entitle your masterpiece ‘really good blog.doc’, the cursor freezes; an interminable 20 seconds of clicking and cursing later, an error message pops up: bottom line is you’ve lost your work. That … Continue reading Computer says no

Beauty and the beastly patriarchy

‘I want so much more than they’ve got planned’ – quoth Belle as she almost skipped off into the book-filled sunset before, erm, being imprisoned for like no reason at all and then marrying her gaoler. This won’t be news to many people, but having recently re-watched Beauty and the Beast, the colossal sexism of the thing has only just struck me. Commonly discussed issues … Continue reading Beauty and the beastly patriarchy