Eyeing me, eyeing you

Riddle this: What’s super awkward if it happens on a tube, exciting if it’s with a hot guy in a bar, a necessary prerequisite to ordering food in a restaurant? The dreaded eye contact! Eye contact is undoubtedly very powerful – and not just if you’re Sauron. It can be delightful if shared with a loved one, cementing intimacy and provoking sympathy. In Arthur Aron’s … Continue reading Eyeing me, eyeing you

Waiting for Godot-nly knows what

I recently wrote about the annoying quirks of being a teenager, but one major theme I missed out was that feeling that we are waiting for real life to begin: for the world to organize itself such that opportunities, jobs, boyfriends fall into our lap; for our adult independence. ‘finally, I’ll be able to do X when I leave home/have money/have turned 18’. So reading … Continue reading Waiting for Godot-nly knows what

How to actually make great life choices

I once took a personality test that marked me as ‘extremely passive’. I huffed and puffed about it and then went about my day. Years later, I can confirm that this was true at the time. Do you feel stuck, trapped, stagnant, bored, or a combination of the above? Here is some actual millennial wisdom about breaking free, starting over, shaking things up, derived from … Continue reading How to actually make great life choices

Self-help –> self-loathing

Two thousand and a few hundred years ago, the Psalmist wrote: Lift thine eyes, oh lift thine eyes to the mountains, whence cometh help (Rendered rather nicely by Mendelssohn:) In some present-day parts of the world, we look instead to politicians, to whom it’s thought that God has delegated his salvific powers: But in most circles, we no longer lift our eyes to God or … Continue reading Self-help –> self-loathing