Sylvanian decadence @ National Gallery

This post is about art and therefore requires a poncy title. George Shaw is the National Gallery’s current painter-in-residence, and we wandered into his exhibition the other day while trying to find some Klimt. The Telegraph was lukewarm (even though the guy was nominated for the Turner Prize), but I really liked it! In a short video played on loop in one of the exhibition … Continue reading Sylvanian decadence @ National Gallery

Sport & moral life

A horse has won a horse race. — Boring Tweeter (@b0ringtweets) 9 avril 2016 This is how I read most sports news: as a set of non-events that hardly merit a daily supplement in the papers. I’ll make allowances, however, for things like the #Rio2016 Olympics; this kind of event feels like an exception, perhaps because we love a multi-billion-pound TV spectacle, or because it’s … Continue reading Sport & moral life

[1-year Blogiversary]

What a year of thought-provoking reflections, hilarity, and insightful commentary it’s been. I’ve enjoyed thinking about interesting stuff, being a tiny bit controversial, arguing with other writers, researching history, failing at social media marketing, and cultivating a nice-looking patch of internet with which to express myself. In honour of the occasion, here are my top 10 click-generators, top 5 undervalued articles, and a sneak preview … Continue reading [1-year Blogiversary]