[1-year Blogiversary]

What a year of thought-provoking reflections, hilarity, and insightful commentary it’s been.

I’ve enjoyed thinking about interesting stuff, being a tiny bit controversial, arguing with other writers, researching history, failing at social media marketing, and cultivating a nice-looking patch of internet with which to express myself.

In honour of the occasion, here are my top 10 click-generators, top 5 undervalued articles, and a sneak preview into the future of inmywritemind.

And if, like me, you enjoy my blog, you know what to do! Share, retweet, snap, pin, comment, buy me chocolate, whatever.

10 most popular posts

      1. 23 Life Lessons from the Classics – does what it says on the tin
      2. When a woman is tired of London … – my first ever blog post about the London Young Professional
      3. 5 Types of Toxic Friend – I’m surprised this one made it to the top 3, but whatever
      4. 17 LOLs from my teenage diaries – funny-with-hindsight quotes from teenage me. Others in the series are here (additional diary quotes) and here (writing advice to myself, featuring quotes from the juvenilia)
      5. How to make great life choices – an account of a dysfunctional weekend
      6. Politics of oppression – a personal favourite. I probably spent the longest time writing and agonising over this one. It’s about how the narrative of oppression and identity politics doesn’t explain real life and doesn’t help effect useful change.
      7. Why write? – why people are compelled to produce the written word
      8. Spiralizing out of control – why fitness and beauty fads need to get lost
      9. Why I can’t heart consent – a foray into the doctrine of choice
      10. The dual ethics of feminism – why feminism is not the broad church that it claims to be

5 underappreciated treasures

there is a moral to the story. When it comes to eye contact, more is clearly more. The weird guy who leers at you in the street needs to know that you are not just a hot bod. So make him aware of it: stare back (and tell him his mother would be ashamed of him).

If you think this trend towards privileging feelings and experiences over facts that I blogged about previously is ‘purely academic’ or otherwise harmless and fringe, you can think again

the Prousts of our day will retire with greater cause than ever to wonder where their lost time has gone; but instead of outputting 7 volumes of inner life, meticulously remembered or reimagined, all they will be able to muster is a series of blithe poo emojis that represent both the content of what’s been fed to them and its expressive form

  • Structures of desire – narrative & musical structure is all about desire: frustration & resolution [parts 1-3]:

As a teenager, it hit me hard when the thirteenth book in Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events, entitled The End, failed to resolve most of the series’ mysteries and left many many loose ends.

  • Travel blogs – I saw some amazing sights in Bangkok, Sri Lanka, Paris (more to come!) and would like to share them with you!

What did I learn from this trip? Something about culture shock, what it feels to be totally estranged from your surroundings, but ultimately about the value of getting out of your comfort zone and throwing out the unnecessary fear that can only hold you back


Ayutthaya, Bangkok


  1. Photo roll page – because beauty is good for the soul

Future plans

  1. Link up my blog to my domain name!
  2. Write about interesting things I’m studying
  3. Write about my American travels

Sneak preview:

[UPDATE: WordPress tells me this is my best ever day for likes and follows! Thx 2 my supporters, u mean da world 2 me 💚 Keep on sharing]

[UPDATE 2: Aaaaaand also hit my personal target for weekly visitors! U da best guyz]

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