Writing prompts from a game of consequences

Soz in advance for quality of post. I have tons of drafts but can’t seem to finish any of them. Hence this sorry attempt at something light.

Literary allusion is fun. Jane Austen was catapulted into modern-day Britain with ITV’s Lost in Austen; and War and Peace’s Prince Andrej makes an appearance in Italo Calvino’s Il Barone rampante to great comic effect.

Wouldn’t it be fun if you could premise your book on a literary allusion (assuming any of you are writing books right now)? So here’s an intelligent writing prompt for you based on the proceedings of the popular game “Consequences”, featuring real quotes!


  • Pick a character
  • Pick another character
  • Where did they meet?
  • What did she say?
  • What did he say?
  • What happens next?

And you’re off!

Round 1


What happens next? A whimsical tale of the green-eyed monster vanquished by childish innocence? An anti-capitalist manifesto in which Othello realises that his relationship problems are due to Venice’s ruthless and corrupt political system and retreats to Prince Edward Island to live out his days in peace?

Round 2


What happens next? The first novel to openly dramatise lactational issues as a metaphor for history’s treatment of the helpless individual? Or a cynical tale about the loss of that childhood curiosity that drove us to solve crimes and mysteries amid the banal commitments of adult life?

Round 3


What happens next? An exploration of the role of imagination in human life and the consequences for the education of children could be quite pertinent. Or it could turn into an Atonement-style tragedy about how careless accusations ruin lives. The choice is yours!

Look forward to seeing myself credited in the acknowledgements! 😝

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