Blog identity crisis

End-of-year announcement: I can’t write anything interesting any more. All my ideas are just sad reflections of things better-informed people have already published books about, books that I should probably spend my time reading rather than gabbling at the internet as I am currently doing. If I plough on, I will continue to spew out the sorts of naive and ill-informed viewpoints you’ve become accustomed to reading here, the sorts of things anyone in my peer group could tell me betrayed my ignorance of the matter (indeed, I hope none of you have been sniffing through the archives).

So I’m taking this opportunity to announce the conversion of inmywritemind to a lifestyle blog. It seemed the only honest move I could make, to stop garbling on subjects of which I know nothing, and write only of what I know.

My gift to you this Christmas is a sneak preview of some of the hot new posts that will be hitting your inboxes in 2017:


10 Ways to Vary Up Your Day in the Library

1 – Coffee, naturally

Most days I can’t make it past 11am; I need fuel, now. I’ll slip a cute bookmark into whatever tome I’m occupied with (I got this one from a souk in Morocco) and trot down to the vending machines on -1 floor. If I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll pick up a flat white in one of the independent cafés outside. Don’t forget your student discount card!

2 – Yoga in the stacks

OK, so I’m not actually suggesting you break out the downward dog in the middle of the library, but the sedentary lifestyle does take its toll. Why not stretch your legs every half-hour or so; find a quiet place to just be mindful for a few moments before getting back to that essay.

3 – Print something

This one’s a winner! Trekking to the computer room is a surefire way of getting a much-needed break. Why not save this little interlude for that mid-afternoon slump?

4 – Snapchat your progress

Encourage your classmates in the reading room downstairs by taking a selfie to let them know how many words you’re on.


Undergrad vs postgrad

The post you’ve been waiting for: was it actually better back in those halcyon days when you couldn’t care less whether you got a 2:1 or not and had nothing better to do than party with your flatmates? How much partying can you actually fit in during a masters? Plus my top tips on how to blag your way through the graduate seminar when you’re still hungover and haven’t done the reading (or is that just me?! :P).

7 Top Library Essentials For Under £10

1 – Thermos flask

For those of us who simply couldn’t do without their morning tea, this one is an essential. I got mine from Cath Kidston in the winter sales – love a bargain. Make sure it has a sturdy lid – you don’t want anything spilling over those books, or worse, your Macbook!

2 – A cute manicure

OK so this cost a teeny weeny bit more than a tenner, I won’t lie … But it’s so worth it when you’re taking notes with your multicoloured fineliners to look down at what you’ve highlighted and catch a glimpse of a very well curated nail.

3 – The right stationery

My gratefulness diary goes everywhere I go, you guys. And I pretty much need a to-do list for all my to-do lists! #stationeryporn


[Library Chic Series] Day 3

I managed to persuade my flatmate to snap a few pics before she left for work (thanks babe!) I really couldn’t decide today between practicality and pretty – my feet won’t be thanking me after a day in these heels, but they do make such a pleasing tap on the steps up to the faculty building.

I’ve got two lectures to go to today – keeping busy! I’ve gone for these boyfriend jeans and a t-shirt I snaffled off my sister (thanks, hun! :P)


[Library Chic Series] Day 4

Today I’m sporting navy tights (#bluestocking!) and this navy skirt I thrifted from a vintage shop in Camden. When I first put this on, I wasn’t sure if it was library-appropriate – I thought it might ride up a bit too much if I was reaching for a book on one of the higher shelves. Oops!

Since it’s a library day, I’ve opted for a statement necklace rather than my usual bangles. They jingle around a bit too much when I’m writing – wouldn’t want to distract anyone now would I!

8 Best Things About Being A Student Again

1 – Pick up a bargain at your favourite stores with up to a 20% student discount!

2 – Library Chic … nuff said.

3 – I can haz nail art again! Work-appropriate say whaaaattt

4 – If I want to watch Netflix, then I darn well will! Ain’t nobody got time fo’ being told what to do!

5 – I get to put pics like this on my Insta #libraryporn #soblessed


Day In The Life: The Student Edition

9.45am – press the snooze button for the last time. It’s not just an endless weekend over here, I’ll have you know!  😛

What I’m Reading Wednesday

Plato is bae.




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