What’s wrong with barefaced cheek?

The other day I came across this article about men wearing makeup. My initial reaction was … no likey 😦 But I wear makeup every day (except if I don’t have to leave the house)! I’ve even been known to post my nail art on Instagram!! Hear me out before you smack down the ‘hypocrite’ line … What’s the problem? Why do I seem to … Continue reading What’s wrong with barefaced cheek?


In honour of this most dreaded of holidays I bring you a post about … relationships. The single people of today are as likely to be marking February 14th with an anti-Valentine’s party (after all, women need men like fish need bicycles) as with a bitter pity-fest consisting of an evening indoors and alone spent crying and watching simpering couples walk hand in hand along … Continue reading Schmalentine’s

The Confidence Manifesto [BONUS]

If you still need convincing that confidence is super important, here is a little story. Imagine you need to buy a new wurtscriggle. A quick search reveals two companies that sell this product. You check out each of their websites in turn. The first homepage reads: The second homepage reads: The first company sounds unenthused; it doesn’t sound like they think they’re unique or worthwhile, … Continue reading The Confidence Manifesto [BONUS]