Good luck is just confidence

Inspired by my recent viewing of the Cursed Child, I’ve been rereading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. This thought for the day about confidence (a topic dear to my heart) comes from JK’s sixth book.

As a reward for outstanding Potions performance in the first lesson of term, Harry is gifted with a vial of Felix Felicis potion, also known as ‘liquid luck’.

When the time comes for Harry to imbibe the golden brew, two things happen. Firstly, he gains remarkable clear-sightedness about which decisions to take. And here is JK talking about its other effect:

An exhilarating sense of infinite opportunity stole through him; he felt as though he could have done anything, anything at all […]

Harry had not yet managed to bring off the Refilling Charm without saying the incantation aloud, but the idea that he might not be able to do it tonight was laughable

These are supposedly the effects of liquid luck, but actually she is describing what it feels like to have confidence, which is precisely the feeling that you can do whatever you put your mind to, coupled with optimism that the world holds good things for you. In fact, Felix Felicis is just as good as its placebo, which pretty much proves that good luck is just confidence. You only have to believe that you’re lucky for your inner self-belief to kick in, as Ron’s stellar Quidditch performance (after Harry pretends to administer the potion) shows.

Indeed, what do confident people say?

I make my own luck

No potions required. 🤓⚡️⚗️📖

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