Philosophy resources

If your jam is free education rather than šŸ’°šŸ’°šŸ’° grad school, here are some of my favourite online philosophy resources, all available for free!! These are all general-interest resources; I’ve left out anything topic-specific. Comment below if you have suggestions! Top favourites are starred.

News, philosophy articles

Daily Nous – “news for and about the philosophy profession”

Philosophers Mag – “philosophy that’s clear, thought-provoking, and relevant”

Philosophy Now – “a magazine of ideas”

Aeon – “a world of ideas” ā­ļø

OUP blog – Oxford University Press blog (philosophy section)

3:AM magazine – “whatever it is, we’re against it”

Philosophy Matters – “A practical guide to living the good life” blog

APA blog – blog of the American Philosophical Association

Nautilus – philosophy & science stuff

News/article aggregators

Reddit /r/philosophyĀ ā­ļø

Reddit /r/AcademicPhilosophy

Phil blog posts – bimonthly roundup

Academic philosophy

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy – long introductions to practically any phil topic ā­ļø

Philpapers – database of journal articles and books, searchable by topic, many of them linked for download ā­ļø


Royal Institute of Philosophy lectures archive – hour-long lectures by academic philosophers ā­ļø

Institute of Art and Ideas – video debates and discussions with philosophers and non-philosophers

School of Life – animated philosophy-lite vids narrated by Alain de Botton


Philosophy Bites – 10-minute podcast episodes: quick introductions to various topics ā­ļø

Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society – podcast of recorded talks

The Partially Examined Life – general interest podcast

(all on iTunes)

What it’s like to be a philosopher

What is it Like to be a Philosopher – long interviews with academic philosophers

Being a Philosopher of Color – what it’s like … blog

Feminist Philosophers – news and teaching resources blog

Being a Woman in Philosophy – what it’s like … blog


If you want to get topic-specific, loads of academic philosophers and grad students have their own websites where you can read their papers (look for citations in, or authors of, SEP articles – see above). University departments and philosophy institutes often have blogs too. You can find a lot of them on Twitter.