Blog identity crisis

End-of-year announcement: I can’t write anything interesting any more. All my ideas are just sad reflections of things better-informed people have already published books about, books that I should probably spend my time reading rather than gabbling at the internet as I am currently doing. If I plough on, I will continue to spew out the sorts of naive and ill-informed viewpoints you’ve become accustomed … Continue reading Blog identity crisis

Still worthy of art

While super skinny may be the name of the catwalk game, we must remember that standards of beauty are as varied as a piece of string is long – or in other words, pretty meaningless. Remember the irrelevant imperfections the Plastics moaned about in Mean Girls? ‘My hairline is so weird!‘, ‘My pores are huge!‘, ‘My nail beds suck!‘ Whatever your grievance with your poor … Continue reading Still worthy of art

16 fairytale encounters

I never thought I’d blog about fashion, but really this is more about aesthetically pleasing and fantastical forms of personal adornment (or rather art!) crafted with incredible creativity and handiwork. The sort of thing I would wear if I ever made it to Narnia. Accompanied by vignettes of the fairytale great and good. But darling, of course it had to be so large! Remember I … Continue reading 16 fairytale encounters

Powerful women and their fashion choices

What’s that you say? You’re going to write about powerful women, but instead of focussing on their achievements, you’re going to focus on their looks?! Surely this is sexism incarnate! While it’s true that more column inches than are warranted by the subject have been expended on the clothing choices (or as my friends and I used to say, the sartorial elections) of the female … Continue reading Powerful women and their fashion choices