Miami [part 2]: Florida Keys

  Finally I’m sharing my travel tips and pics for America, from New York, Boston, Philly and Chicago to, finally, Miami. One of my favourite Miami activities was a day trip to the Florida Keys 🏝️🗾. This is my last America-related travel post (until the next trip!) with what to see, do and eat in Key West. About Florida Keys is an archipelago off the south … Continue reading Miami [part 2]: Florida Keys

New York [part 3]: Chelsea + where to eat

Finally I’m getting round to posting my pics and travel tips for New York. Read part one here and part two here. Stay tuned for more of America! High Line The High Line is a disused industrial railway line, now a public park/walkway, running a few storeys above ground. The line went out of use in 1980 with a final dispatch of frozen turkeys, and … Continue reading New York [part 3]: Chelsea + where to eat