Wtf is the ‘meaning of life’?!

Those of us lucky enough, over the festive period, to be able to sink into the loving embrace of the sofa beside an open fire, glass of port in hand, belly full of turkey and Thornton’s, and surrounded by loving relatives, might be tempted to proclaim that ‘this is what it’s all about’. The meaningful life consists in the cosiness of affection, security and slight … Continue reading Wtf is the ‘meaning of life’?!

A brave new world without suffering

Being a healthy and lucky person, the greatest physical suffering I’m forced to deal with is a monthly stomach cramp. I’ve had no serious illnesses or injuries, and the stomach cramp, while horrid, is simply the unfortunate byproduct of having healthy and functional internal organs, so I shouldn’t really complain (although I do). At any rate, this temporary incapacitation is easily remedied by washing four … Continue reading A brave new world without suffering