How to Write Right

It’s 2016; content has long been our despotic monarch and it’s no longer news that a person can squeeze a multi-million-dollar film franchise bonanza out of the average PDF – sorry, eBook – they put up on the Kindle store. The age of the self-published writer-blogger-speaker-lifecoach-consultant-social-media-marketing-guru is here. Yet even though it is sort of my dream to become an authorpreneur™, I’m not without misgivings … Continue reading How to Write Right

9 Quirks of Everyday Language

How many times a day do we come out with a sentence like this: ‘It was, like, a sort of profound experience, d’you know what I mean?’ About 50% of that was filler that adds nothing to the content of the sentence, and there are good arguments for expunging it from the lexicon. Yet the numerous verbal tics, tags and fillers that litter our everyday … Continue reading 9 Quirks of Everyday Language

New improved LOLs from my teenage diaries

By popular acclaim I thought I’d share some additional wisdom and frustrations from my teenage self. School I decided to bite the bullet and ask Mr X to give me back some of the essays I had printed off and given him weeks and weeks ago. Certainly a while before half term and possibly even before Christmas. So he rifled around in his big teacher’s … Continue reading New improved LOLs from my teenage diaries

Still worthy of art

While super skinny may be the name of the catwalk game, we must remember that standards of beauty are as varied as a piece of string is long – or in other words, pretty meaningless. Remember the irrelevant imperfections the Plastics moaned about in Mean Girls? ‘My hairline is so weird!‘, ‘My pores are huge!‘, ‘My nail beds suck!‘ Whatever your grievance with your poor … Continue reading Still worthy of art

16 fairytale encounters

I never thought I’d blog about fashion, but really this is more about aesthetically pleasing and fantastical forms of personal adornment (or rather art!) crafted with incredible creativity and handiwork. The sort of thing I would wear if I ever made it to Narnia. Accompanied by vignettes of the fairytale great and good. But darling, of course it had to be so large! Remember I … Continue reading 16 fairytale encounters

10 worst signoffs to avoid like the plague

If you’ve ever used any of the below, you’re doing it wrong: The claim to possession Yours, Bob Comment: If I may just refer to the prohibition of slavery, it’s a well-established fact that no one person belongs to another. The false claim to truth Yours sincerely, Bob Comment: You’re not mine, which means you’re not being sincere. What a proliferation of lies is contained … Continue reading 10 worst signoffs to avoid like the plague