Metaphor as manipulation

Biological warfare is a term more commonly associated with terrifying sci-fi scenarios than with gestating children. Yet if you believe this article from, pregnancy is pretty much Womb War III: Pregnancy is a lot more like war than we might care to admit […] The mammal mother works hard to stop her children from taking more than she is willing to give. The children … Continue reading Metaphor as manipulation

Wtf is the ‘meaning of life’?!

Those of us lucky enough, over the festive period, to be able to sink into the loving embrace of the sofa beside an open fire, glass of port in hand, belly full of turkey and Thornton’s, and surrounded by loving relatives, might be tempted to proclaim that ‘this is what it’s all about’. The meaningful life consists in the cosiness of affection, security and slight … Continue reading Wtf is the ‘meaning of life’?!

9 Quirks of Everyday Language

How many times a day do we come out with a sentence like this: ‘It was, like, a sort of profound experience, d’you know what I mean?’ About 50% of that was filler that adds nothing to the content of the sentence, and there are good arguments for expunging it from the lexicon. Yet the numerous verbal tics, tags and fillers that litter our everyday … Continue reading 9 Quirks of Everyday Language