How to party like an introvert

Extroverts take their energy from bouncing off other people, whereas introverts draw strength from their inner lives: this has become commonplace, but I remember feeling profoundly understood when I first came across the idea that feeling drained by loud restaurants and busy parties wasn’t abnormal. It was an important discovery because it often feels like extroverts rule the world, and extroverted characteristics are often extolled … Continue reading How to party like an introvert

Waiting for Godot-nly knows what

I recently wrote about the annoying quirks of being a teenager, but one major theme I missed out was that feeling that we are waiting for real life to begin: for the world to organize itself such that opportunities, jobs, boyfriends fall into our lap; for our adult independence. ‘finally, I’ll be able to do X when I leave home/have money/have turned 18’. So reading … Continue reading Waiting for Godot-nly knows what

Spiralizing out of control

Back in the day, all it took to be a healthy human being was a basic diet of tatties, veg and the occasional portion of tinned spam, a bit of walking (fetching the groceries) and a bit of housework (beating rugs, scrubbing period stains out of linen by hand). Nowadays we’re a little more fussy, and a common or garden health regime typically includes: Gadgets: … Continue reading Spiralizing out of control

I do, therefore I am

In a previous post I wrote about competitive socialisation and the cult of trendy among young people in London. Since then I’ve thought more about why it is that the London Young Professional (and perhaps most other categories of person) must always be engaged in a whirlwind of social engagements and experiences, in other words must constantly be doing something. Social pressure to do There are … Continue reading I do, therefore I am