When the world’s your oyster

You can do anything Reinvent yourself Have it all The world’s your oyster Sound familiar? These are the refrains of a generation obsessed with choice and freedom, and I’m their greatest proponent! I’ve reinvented myself once already and am soon to do it again (corporate world → philosophy → ???). Nothing whatsoever save my own will constrains my choices. There is no reason for me … Continue reading When the world’s your oyster


In honour of this most dreaded of holidays I bring you a post about … relationships. The single people of today are as likely to be marking February 14th with an anti-Valentine’s party (after all, women need men like fish need bicycles) as with a bitter pity-fest consisting of an evening indoors and alone spent crying and watching simpering couples walk hand in hand along … Continue reading Schmalentine’s

Midsummer jollity at the Globe

I first encountered A Midsummer Night’s Dream while reading Ballet Shoes as a child. The three Fossil sisters are enrolled at stage school, where reluctant actress Petrova is nearly fired from her role as the fairy Mustard-Seed in the play, after repeatedly struggling to intone correctly the very simple line ‘And I’. Yesterday I saw a hilarious and mad production of the play at the Globe. It … Continue reading Midsummer jollity at the Globe

The Circle of Life

Last weekend a number of events occurred on the same day: The 10th anniversary of my aunt’s wedding The birthday of her husband The 100th birthday of my great-uncle  The 2016th (?) anniversary of the Resurrection The anniversary of a dear family friend’s death As I sat in my uncle’s parish hall, celebratory prosecco in one hand, a smoked salmon canapé in the other and … Continue reading The Circle of Life