Desire in Music (Part 3)

Read parts one and two first! Exactly why Mozart is great Here is a mini analysis of the ‘desire’ structures of the Mozart excerpt featured in my previous post: Micro scale: The first bar contains a plain C minor chord. At the second bar in, we get an intruder, a seventh note [red] creeps into every chord. A seventh note is often used just before the end … Continue reading Desire in Music (Part 3)

Structures of Desire (Part 2)

Read part 1 here. In my previous post I talked about how desire motivates our actions and decision-making. It is also clear that the same structures of desire that we see build up and resolve, or defer and frustrate, in our everyday lives, also recur in the structures of the art we make. Desire and fulfilment can only operate in time, and so it is … Continue reading Structures of Desire (Part 2)