New York [part 2]: Lower Manhattan

Finally I’m posting some travel tips and pics from my trip to New York. Read part 1 here and look out for part 3! Lower Manhattan, also known as the Financial District, is at the bottom tip of Manhattan Island (the part of the island once called New Amsterdam). The grid disintegrates into narrower windy streets (some are even unnumbered!) and a little quirk and … Continue reading New York [part 2]: Lower Manhattan

Social justice in Harry Potter

Under the hood of this fantasy series, this Christian allegory, this festival of fun in seven volumes, lies a certain concern for social justice. Besides the ‘strong female leads’ – sporty Ginny handy with a Bat-Bogey Hex, cleverest in her year Hermione, stay-at-home mother and serious destroyer of Dark Witches Mrs Weasley, etc etc – the dispelling of the stigma around blood-transmitted werewolf condition claimed … Continue reading Social justice in Harry Potter

Politics of oppression

If you’ve ever been told that you’ve internalised the patriarchy, that your feminism isn’t up to the mark because you don’t take specific account of ethnic minority women, that you can’t talk about abortion because you’re a man, that you should probably not even talk in a public place because as a cis white straight man your very words, dripping with the lard of privilege, … Continue reading Politics of oppression