The Confidence Manifesto [BONUS]

If you still need convincing that confidence is super important, here is a little story. Imagine you need to buy a new wurtscriggle. A quick search reveals two companies that sell this product. You check out each of their websites in turn. The first homepage reads: The second homepage reads: The first company sounds unenthused; it doesn’t sound like they think they’re unique or worthwhile, … Continue reading The Confidence Manifesto [BONUS]

The Confidence Manifesto [Part 3]

Background: confidence is an invisible skill, but a large part of success in any domain. I haven’t always been particularly confident myself and didn’t quite realise how important it was until I saw its fruits in my own life. Learning to be confident is one of the most useful things I have done since leaving university and one of the best things that has happened … Continue reading The Confidence Manifesto [Part 3]

Eyeing me, eyeing you

Riddle this: What’s super awkward if it happens on a tube, exciting if it’s with a hot guy in a bar, a necessary prerequisite to ordering food in a restaurant? The dreaded eye contact! Eye contact is undoubtedly very powerful – and not just if you’re Sauron. It can be delightful if shared with a loved one, cementing intimacy and provoking sympathy. In Arthur Aron’s … Continue reading Eyeing me, eyeing you

Spiralizing out of control

Back in the day, all it took to be a healthy human being was a basic diet of tatties, veg and the occasional portion of tinned spam, a bit of walking (fetching the groceries) and a bit of housework (beating rugs, scrubbing period stains out of linen by hand). Nowadays we’re a little more fussy, and a common or garden health regime typically includes: Gadgets: … Continue reading Spiralizing out of control

Selfwriteousness: the storified life

Taxi-ing down the runway in Rome, I noticed the passenger next to me take out her iPhone and turn her camera to selfie mode. I watched the screen as she settled her face into what was presumably her usual selfie attitude: a hint of a smile, no teeth. She examined the picture she’d taken, applied a filter, and then put the phone away. She was … Continue reading Selfwriteousness: the storified life