When the world’s your oyster

You can do anything Reinvent yourself Have it all The world’s your oyster Sound familiar? These are the refrains of a generation obsessed with choice and freedom, and I’m their greatest proponent! I’ve reinvented myself once already and am soon to do it again (corporate world → philosophy → ???). Nothing whatsoever save my own will constrains my choices. There is no reason for me … Continue reading When the world’s your oyster


Finally I’m posting some travel tips and pics for America. Read about New York, Boston and Philadelphia first! I had a great couple of days in the Windy City. I found it prettier, more characterful, less blocky and less claustrophobic than New York. My top 5 must-sees are marked with a ⭐ Millennium Park & the ‘Bean’ ⭐ Millennium Park is in the centre of Chicago and … Continue reading Chicago

Boston & Harvard

Finally I’m posting my favourite travel tips and pics from my trip to America. Read about New York here and stay tuned for more! Why visit Boston? Founded in 1630 by Puritan colonists, Boston later played an important role in the American Revolution. Tensions with the English started mounting in the late 1700’s: the English Parliament insisted on taxing the Bostonians, which the Bostonians disliked, … Continue reading Boston & Harvard

New York [part 3]: Chelsea + where to eat

Finally I’m getting round to posting my pics and travel tips for New York. Read part one here and part two here. Stay tuned for more of America! High Line The High Line is a disused industrial railway line, now a public park/walkway, running a few storeys above ground. The line went out of use in 1980 with a final dispatch of frozen turkeys, and … Continue reading New York [part 3]: Chelsea + where to eat

New York [part 2]: Lower Manhattan

Finally I’m posting some travel tips and pics from my trip to New York. Read part 1 here and look out for part 3! Lower Manhattan, also known as the Financial District, is at the bottom tip of Manhattan Island (the part of the island once called New Amsterdam). The grid disintegrates into narrower windy streets (some are even unnumbered!) and a little quirk and … Continue reading New York [part 2]: Lower Manhattan

New York [part 1]: Midtown

Finally I’m posting some travel tips and pics from my trip to New York. Look out for parts two and three! Some history … Manhattan is densely built up (literally up!) – there is no extraneous green space or wasteland – and I found myself wondering why anyone would settle on this claustrophobic island? A little googling suggested the following account: the Dutch were trading … Continue reading New York [part 1]: Midtown

Sicily [part 2]: Cefalu’

Day tripping from Palermo? I highly recommend its neighbour Cefalu’: it’s easily accessible (50 mins on the train) and has tons of history and a beautiful beach. Duomo di Cefalu’ This 900-year-old basilica, overlooked by the Rocca di Cefalu’ and overlooking a pretty piazza, is fortress-like on the outside and rather plain on the inside, except for right above the altar, where you get some … Continue reading Sicily [part 2]: Cefalu’