Wtf is the ‘meaning of life’?!

Those of us lucky enough, over the festive period, to be able to sink into the loving embrace of the sofa beside an open fire, glass of port in hand, belly full of turkey and Thornton’s, and surrounded by loving relatives, might be tempted to proclaim that ‘this is what it’s all about’. The meaningful life consists in the cosiness of affection, security and slight … Continue reading Wtf is the ‘meaning of life’?!

carpe dem diems: seize your leisure

(It works slightly better in an American accent.) The other day my Medium ‘Daily Digest’ delivered me a post about leisure, featuring this quote from monk David Steindl-Rast: Leisure is the virtue of those who give time to whatever it is that takes time  I’ve talked before (here and here) about leisure time making up a precious tiny proportion of most people’s lives; employers buy the use … Continue reading carpe dem diems: seize your leisure

How to actually make great life choices

I once took a personality test that marked me as ‘extremely passive’. I huffed and puffed about it and then went about my day. Years later, I can confirm that this was true at the time. Do you feel stuck, trapped, stagnant, bored, or a combination of the above? Here is some actual millennial wisdom about breaking free, starting over, shaking things up, derived from … Continue reading How to actually make great life choices

Self-help => self-loathing

Two thousand and a few hundred years ago, the Psalmist wrote: Lift thine eyes, oh lift thine eyes to the mountains, whence cometh help (Rendered rather nicely by Mendelssohn:) In some present-day parts of the world, we look instead to politicians, to whom it’s thought that God has delegated his salvific powers: But in most circles, we no longer lift our eyes to God or … Continue reading Self-help => self-loathing

10 worst signoffs to avoid like the plague

If you’ve ever used any of the below, you’re doing it wrong: The claim to possession Yours, Bob Comment: If I may just refer to the prohibition of slavery, it’s a well-established fact that no one person belongs to another. The false claim to truth Yours sincerely, Bob Comment: You’re not mine, which means you’re not being sincere. What a proliferation of lies is contained … Continue reading 10 worst signoffs to avoid like the plague

I do, therefore I am

In a previous post I wrote about competitive socialisation and the cult of trendy among young people in London. Since then I’ve thought more about why it is that the London Young Professional (and perhaps most other categories of person) must always be engaged in a whirlwind of social engagements and experiences, in other words must constantly be doing something. Social pressure to do There are … Continue reading I do, therefore I am