Spiralizing out of control

Back in the day, all it took to be a healthy human being was a basic diet of tatties, veg and the occasional portion of tinned spam, a bit of walking (fetching the groceries) and a bit of housework (beating rugs, scrubbing period stains out of linen by hand). Nowadays we’re a little more fussy, and a common or garden health regime typically includes: Gadgets: … Continue reading Spiralizing out of control

5 Types of Toxic Friend

I’ll admit the topic is not original. Similarly titled listicles to this one are not in short supply, but I thought I’d add to the conversation with some reflections from personal experience. A simple Google search surfaces various definitions of the toxic friend, with many focussing on behaviours like over-dependency (emotional and financial), jealousy, passive aggressive and just plain aggressive behaviour, and even bullying. These … Continue reading 5 Types of Toxic Friend