How to find The One according to TV

Far from having optimised our dating practices in this enlightened age, 21st century TV presents us with a number of matchmaking models designed to help us find Mr(s) Right – or Mr(s) Tonight. It’s the 21st century so I can do what the hell I want, man. Are any of these models useful, you ask? Read on. (1) Matchmaking great-grandma style: Married at First Sight … Continue reading How to find The One according to TV

[1-year Blogiversary]

What a year of thought-provoking reflections, hilarity, and insightful commentary it’s been. I’ve enjoyed thinking about interesting stuff, being a tiny bit controversial, arguing with other writers, researching history, failing at social media marketing, and cultivating a nice-looking patch of internet with which to express myself. In honour of the occasion, here are my top 10 click-generators, top 5 undervalued articles, and a sneak preview … Continue reading [1-year Blogiversary]

Self-help –> self-loathing

Two thousand and a few hundred years ago, the Psalmist wrote: Lift thine eyes, oh lift thine eyes to the mountains, whence cometh help (Rendered rather nicely by Mendelssohn:) In some present-day parts of the world, we look instead to politicians, to whom it’s thought that God has delegated his salvific powers: But in most circles, we no longer lift our eyes to God or … Continue reading Self-help –> self-loathing

Give us this day our daily Starbucks

A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips was my mother’s refrain. We’ve all seen Supersize Me; we all know that if you eat fat, you get fat. But how many of us pay equal attention to other types of consumption, such as our mental and spiritual nutrition? Do we carefully count our intellectual calories or do we binge on click-bait? Food metaphors … Continue reading Give us this day our daily Starbucks